About Dan Indante

Dan Indante is an a**hole and he’s not afraid to admit it.

Actually, he has been a professional a**hole for more than twenty years owing to the fact that he is, technically speaking, a lawyer.  Fortunately, he long ago abandoned the legal profession as he wanted to find a career that was more favorably looked upon by society, like cattle rustler or child porn peddler.

Since he could not easily locate consistent work where the sole job requirements were cynicism, sarcasm and an overall unpleasant demeanor, he chose the only two avocations where he did not have to pass an ethics exam or procure a professional license: he wrote a book and had a bunch of kids.

His 2003 best-seller “The Complete A**Hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks” was shocking to many.  Not shocking in its content, simply shocking in that it was published at all.  It has been variously described as “disgusting”, “misogynistic”, “unfit for print” and “guaranteed to set the women’s rights movement back 150 years.”

After that, predictably, Dan and his long-suffering wife had a daughter. Then a son.  He assumed that his parenting skills doomed his children to a lifetime of psychiatric visits and possible residency underneath bridges throughout Southern California.

However, in 2013, with his oldest child turning 10, Dan realized that his horrifically inappropriate personality had not crippled his children, emotionally or physically, and, thus, he had no choice but to share his and his kids’ story with the world, to establish proof that an a**hole could be a good dad even if he would embarrass and completely mortify his children in the process.  He sat down and wrote his second book chronicling nearly 100 stories of him and his children, lovingly titled “The A**Hole Dad”, which is due out in stores in Winter, 2013.  If Dan has accomplished nothing else, he can now boast that he has entirely cornered the “A**hole” section of your local Barnes & Noble.

Although Dan is proud of his two literary accomplishments, he is entirely alone in that emotion.  The remainder of his family, friends, acquaintances and business associates have disavowed any knowledge of him and, thus, were unavailable to comment on this brief bio.

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